About Us

We were just tired of dating strange people

And by strange we mean WEIRD! I mean, who really wants to date someone who speaks to the spirit of their dead hamster EVERY NIGHT? Or someone who can’t go outside unless they’ve checked every inch of their outfit SEVEN times and then still demand to turn back after five minutes in the car because they actually should be wearing other shoes?

Well, all of us here at justsingles.co.za have experienced dates like this. And even worse than this! So we put our heads together and came up with the perfect solution. Well, actually Steven James came up with the perfect solution. After he had a date with a woman who said she wanted to marry him after their third date and the wedding had to take place underground, Steven decided NO MORE. There has to be a better way! And he found that way!

He rounded up all of his friends (yes, we all work here now) and we came up with justsingles.co.za. This is an online dating website where the weird can be separated from the wonderful. Look, there’s always going to be strange people out there, but by getting to know them online first, you can easily cut them off at the source! Ok, so that’s a bit harsh. What we mean, is that you will definitely find the hunk or babe of your dreams right here! All it takes is a little patience and a lot of chatting!

Steven met the love of his life right here on his own website! How’s that for ironically perfect? Well, we’re not sure about the irony, but we do know that’s it’s just perfect. In fact, we’re all invited to his wedding taking place in just over four months. Yes, Steven rid himself of the weirdos and he found his girl.

If you want to share in the happy endings and happily ever afters and all things lovey-dovey, then we suggest you sign up with us right now! We only have one tiny online form for you to fill out in order to register and then it’s happy-go-lucky dating and romance all the way!

Join us here on the happy side. It’s good here! The more, the merrier right? Just remember to invite us to your wedding! Just kidding. But do leave us a testimonial about your loving experience. We love those!

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