When two become one

That is a deceptive headline, isn’t it? You probably immediately thought of a couple splitting up or having two of something and then losing one of them.

But since this website is all about love and happiness, we actually mean two becoming one as in getting married! Yes, we’re all about the sappy, lovey-dovey romantic-ness of love. And, we’re bringing you the very first step in becoming one of those happy couples you see in bridal magazines.

All you need to do is sign up with us right here and you will have the luxury of choosing between hundreds of single people such as yourself. And by choosing we don’t mean discarding any of them. We support close friendships and well as partnerships and we’re sure you’ll find both right here.

Let’s give you some more great news right now: Joining us won’t cost you a single cent! Only your single life. You will not be living the life of a bachelor or bachelorette for long, that much we know. There is also no catch to joining us. We don’t ask for personal details, nor are we planning to rob you of your hard-earned cash in any way.

So if you like the concept of becoming one, then we’re glad to welcome you as a member on our website. Enjoy!

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